Resolution at Develop - 15th/16th July 2009

Resolution at Develop - 15th/16th July 2009

Develop Opinion Jam

DevelopPosted by Lewis Denby Thu, July 16, 2009 21:47:31
Resolution got its turn on the podium tonight, as we (read: I) ranted about the evils of the word "gameplay" in the Develop Opinion Jam.

Part of a group of ten-or-so, I discussed how the imprecision of the term leads to a diminished understanding and appreciation of the individual building blocks that go into the creation of a game.

Ste Curran (Zoƫ Mode, ex-Edge editor) and Simon Byron (Barrington Harvey PR, Develop columnist) compered the evening, summarising each rant before inviting the audience to respond. Their One Life Left radio show co-host Ann Scantlebury kept a record of audience response.

Unfortunately, the majority of the audience weren't too taken by my impromptu two-minute presentation, and although around 30% of the audience agreed, the rest gave me the thumbs down, putting me out of the race for Develop Rant Leadership.

Of all the speakers, it was Matt Kumar (Gamasutra, Edge) who left the biggest impressipon on us. Talking about moral decisions, he screamed at the audience for "having an abortion," which lost them 5 morality points - except for if the baby would have been Hitler. His point, of course, was that the morality of games is in the developers' hands, defined by their own impression of right or wrong, and neglecting the grey area of real life.

But the prize went to Ernest Adams, founder of the IGDA, for a passionate plea for game development teams to employ better writers. "Most videogame scripts wouldn't even make it on to Saturday morning television," he said.

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