Resolution at Develop - 15th/16th July 2009

Resolution at Develop - 15th/16th July 2009

David Jones talks APB

DevelopPosted by Lewis Denby Wed, July 15, 2009 10:44:23
It's safe to say that APB looks stunning.

"APB has to be perceived as a game that players cannot get anywhere else," says Realtime Worlds' David Jones, before launching into a spectacular display of the awesome customisation available to players.

Beginning by enlarging a scantily-clad lady's breasts, he goes on to demonstrate the thoroughly stunning range of options. Built into APB's character creation toolset is what Jones describes as a "mini Photoshop", allowing players to create vertex art and apply the resulting decals to character models as tattoos or clothing details.

Jones also discussed the matchmaking and persistent world characteristics of APB. "This is the first real persistant world," he says. "GTA and Crackdown aren't persistant world. When you turn the corner, those cars behind you disappear, as there's just not enough memory."

And on matchmaking, he says: "It looks at your skill level, and it can bring you together temporarily and then drop you back. It morphs seamlessly from being a single-player game, into 50 vs 50, and then dies back down again."