Resolution at Develop - 15th/16th July 2009

Resolution at Develop - 15th/16th July 2009


DevelopPosted by Lewis Denby Mon, July 13, 2009 21:23:48
Oh, fuck, where is Resolution's iPod?

Man. Looks like we're going to have a quiet journey down to Brighton tomorrow. Still, that's probably a good thing. There's a 6AM start in store, so a nice train-based sleep will probably do us some good.

I'll drop the collective. While it would have been awesome to get the full ResoSquad down to Develop, only I managed to blag one of the much-envied press passes, reserved for those actively reporting on the business side of gaming. Which I don't, really - not here, at least. Fortunately, that one seems to have slipped by our PR contacts.

(Writing stuff for HonestGamers and FACEOFFGAMES actually relating to the industry stuff probably helped.)

So tomorrow, for me, involves getting up hideously early and ensuring my girlfriend is very much awake too, as it's only fair. Then, it's down to London for a brief rendez-vous with our capital-orientated reporter Christos Reid - hopefully over a delightful pub lunch, though he's not responding to my email, the bast! After that, it's on to Brighton's Hilton Metropole, and the inevitibly awkward opening night bash, where I'll probably sit on my own sipping an increasingly tepid beer, before retiring to bed.

In other words: if you're there, and you see a short guy with a crap beard (and a press badge saying "Lewis Denby", natch), please come and keep me company.

The work starts on Wednesday. My schedule is, quite frankly, terrifying. Wish me luck, keep checking back - particularly from Wednesday when it all kicks off properly - and I'll see you on the other side.

Lewis Denby
General Editor
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